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Me….age 61 now first rupture was in September 1997 playing badminton. In the UK it was plaster and heal in your own time, not much therapy. It ruptured again in the spring 1998 when I stepped forward to catch a ball.
It was not operted on and as a result of some poor advice and therapy “normality” took two years to regain.
Now 13 weeks into the third time progress seems good. After surgery here in France where I live the surgeon said he had tidied up the mess!
After six weeks in plaster with an interim examintation after 3 weeks I was given crutches an air boot a wheelchair and 30 sessions with a PT of my choice.
I researched before I chose a guy who works with profffesional sports people and has a pool at his clinic.
Now after some 15 or so session I am in two shoes can walk quite well without crutches or a limp for 10 minutes or so!

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