September 25th, 2009

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

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At 16 weeks and some change after surgery I’m pretty much on my own again. This is a good thing as I have “graduated” from Physical Therapy (as my theapist put it) and my Doctor does not want to see me until Christmas. I left is office last week and he told me to have a happy Thanksgiving.

After being under the care of someone for so long it’s a bit strange to be just another Joe walking around (with a very minor limp when I push it). I feel good and while I don’t have any tatoos, my 6 inch long scar on my right heel will always identifiy me as a member of the ATR Fraternity. (Alpha Tau Rho?) Maybe we should make some shirts and have a kegger.

But I digress (as I tend to do), life is back to normal and I am playing golf on a regular basis once again, playing with the kids, talking walks with my very understanding wife, and just basically enjoing life and very appreciative of a very simple action called walking. How we do take some things for granted.

I probably won’t be writing much any longer, but will keep up on everyone on this blog for at least a while. If I could make a recommendation to anyone in the Metro Detroit area in need of Physical Therapy. I would strongly recommend a company called Probility. They worked with me twice a week for two months and have helped me gain my strengh and confidence back.

Aside from that, I wish everyone on this site with this wretched injury the best of luck, and God Bless You all.

Your ATR Fraternity Brother,


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