It’s Official!

The boot is now off and I’m official walking in two shoes. Went to see the doc this morning, got the ok to ditch the boot. After all this time my doctor finally explained to me why he wanted to wait and take the conservative route. Apparently went he went in to suture my tendon, not much was left and looked really thin. So he wanted me to hold off on things until some scar tissue would develop to help thicken it up. But now I have this huge weight off my foot and start some PT. PT starts Thursday. Happy healing.

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  1. chris89 on July 28th, 2014

    So you can walk, without pt? And he advised you to build up scar tissue, I don’t understand how that benefits you.

  2. annababi on July 28th, 2014

    Congratulations! It must feel wonderful to get rid of the boot. Every step forward is a step to getting back to normal.

  3. normofthenorth on July 28th, 2014

    Chris, everything our bodies create to heal an injury is scar tissue - helpful or not. Around here, it’s often used to refer to post-op adhesions, where scar tissue attaches adjacent “sliding” layers of tissue to each other, preventing them from sliding normally. But the tissue that mends the torn AT is also scar tissue, AFAIK.

  4. normofthenorth on July 28th, 2014

    Mind you, I don’t think that means the OS was right to think that a slower rehab would result in a better accumulation of the right kind of scar tissue, but that’s another matter. It seems clear from the great results from the fast modern protocols that early mobility helps your body know that the scar tissue it’s making has to be TENDON material, and not just any scar tissue.