Week 1 - Days 1-8

Sunday 5/11/14 - Day 1

I called out of work and rested.

Monday 5/12/14 - Day 2

I felt a little better and decided I should try to work. I am a manager at a sub shop so I am on my feet for most of the day. Needless to say I felt like I didn’t accomplish much. Trying to do my job on crutches was definitely near impossible.

Tuesday 5/13/14 - Day 3

I saw the specialist. He told me that I completed ruptured my tendon. He didn’t know exactly how much of the tendon I had left so he ordered for an MRI. The MRI was set for Friday. He also said the surgery was the best option and he set it for Tuesday 5/20/14 and wanted to see me the day before to go over the MRI. I was told that I shouldn’t have worked the day before and I can’t go back to work until further notice.

Wednesday 5/14/14 - Day 4

Just before this injury, I finished up my last semester of college at Arizona State University. Today was my undergraduate commencement. With the help of a knee scooter, I was able to make it through it.

Thursday 5/15/14 - Day 5

On this day I had two separate convocations that I was not going to miss for my completed degree. Unlike the commencement, I was to be recognized and walk up on stage and receive my diploma cover/certificate. Both convocations were very helpful and made special arrangements for my situation. One they held the line up so I can go up and back down the ramp. The other there was no ramp, but they sat me on stage and I had quite the view. After the convocations, my family held a grad party for me. The dinner was awesome and my family is awesomer!

Friday 5/16/14 - Day 6

My friend, Chad, picked me up and took me to get my MRI. After about an hour and a half of laying motionless thinking how I would never be the same, I was done. After, we decided to take a trip to the mall and meet up with some more of our friends to watch a movie.

Saturday 5/17/14 - Day 7

I spent this day at a dodgeball tournament. It was the end of the season tournament for the dodgeball league that I play in. I couldn’t play but I was shagging (retrieving dodgeballs) for my teams. Both my teams won the championship. I also won some last minute injury award at their award ceremony.

Sunday 5/18/14 - Day 8

After a busy week, I finally could just stay home and rest.

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