And we’re back!

21 weeks since ATR today, and the news is amazing! I was back playing basketball last night, full tilt, and with a surprisingly on song jump shot too. No words can describe how good it feels. To add to the progress, this wasn’t just a gentle run around, but I proper training session with a team. I hadn’t played at that level for years, so even without the ATR I would have been a little concerned I was going to be up to speed, but it seems I was impressive enough to be invited back next week for a full session and am going to be a member of the squad.

My thanks go out to my amazing physio, Adrian Wagstaff and the Warr Clinic in Wokingham. He has marshalled my progress from 5 weeks post-ATR until now and has not only looked after my physical treatment but has also kept me mentally prepared for each next step - be that cycling, running, wobble boards, full weight bearing heal raises, hopping, sharp direction changes…

I am back to 25km bike, 5km runs back to back, so the basketball was the icing on the cake. My usual word of caution though - I think I am the exception rather than the rule. My ATR was very high, more like the tendon separated from the muscle it seems. That means that the recovery was very different because there is a lot more blood and soft tissue involved that ATR’s lower down ot those treated with surgery. Go as fast or slow as your professionals tell you to. And once you are healed, if you happen to be a Hoopster, I’ll hope to see you on a court sometime soon!

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