15 weeks - exciting times

15 weeks, physio continues and even though there are times when I feel like I am sinning by not doing my exercises, progress remains good. I am ‘running’ in that I have the all clear to go out and do a bit of walk/run alternations since when I was put on a treadmill by the physio, I wasn’t carrying the bad leg. I am doing ‘ballistic’ exercises like hopping down from a step on my bad leg and trying to keep my heal up (sometimes I even manage to do it). I am completely obsessed with my wobble board, not just for the bad leg, but also for the good one. I am that obsessed that my wobble board came with me to Japan for two weeks, and in the evenings whilst I was on conference calls I wobbled my way through them.

All in all I am so pleased with where I have got to that I am entirely convinced I will get back to basketball, and probably with better lower leg strength (or at least health) than I have had in years. I still have the target of doing a triathlon in June (one year from the ATR), but now rather than just having a target of completing the course, I am going to aim to beat my time pre-ATR for the course.

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