Six weeks - more exercises

You wait all week for an appointment and then two come at once. NHS trip first - not particularly inspiring since the guy I saw thought I had been in the boot for three weeks, didn’t know how the injury happened, didn’t know I had been in three weeks previous and showed no interest in my leg at all. He was all set to get a nurse to remove the heal lifts for me, but I figured that would just take time, so I took them out and handed them to him. Foot back to flat, no effects thus far, so all good. Job done, on to the next one.

Second appointment of the day was with the physio. He was very pleased with the progress since last week and gave me a whole heap of exercises to do on top of those I am doing already and the cycling. The cycling is going great - I have done 25 mins minimum every day for the last four days. Minimum resistance is tough to do because it feels so weak, but I daren’t go too hard on it. The nice thing about it though is when I get off the bike, my achilles and muscles are obviously lengthened a little as I can walk almost normally. It all tightens up again once I have been in a boot for the night, but still, it is nice to remember what walking is all about, even if it is very gingerly.

Off for two weeks on holiday on Friday, so have a swathe of appointments on Monday 15th to look forward to.

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