A good week got better

As well as the ATR (or maybe as a result of it), I have thrown my back out. I went to see my osteopath yesterday who looked at my leg and said ‘you haven’t done something stupid like ruturing your achilles have you?’. Ho Ho Ho. Anyway, it turns out she was a bit of an ATR expert, both professionally and because her ex had done the same thing three years ago. I explained where I was at and she asked if I was weight bearing. I said ‘Not yet, although I do feel I could’ and she made no further comment… until I asked her why she’d asked. She expressed the opinion that I should be, since I was in the cast, since there was no way to put any tension through the tendon, so what harm could it do? It would actually help keep some tone in my leg.

So far, so interesting, but without wanting to offend any osteopaths out there, I did want to check that advice out with a specialist before I binned the crutches and went freestyle. Fortunately, today I had an appointment with a specialist, so seized the moment and asked. His response was ‘yes, absolutely’… and then with a slight glint in his eye he said ‘are you competitive?’. That is a little like asking ‘is the Pope Catholic?’. He told me about one of his previous patients that, in a cast at four weeks, walked three miles. The challenge has been laid down.

He also told me to arrange some physio for next week. He took a good look at the injury and said it was healing well - nice movement with a Thompson Test, no ridges in the healing, all nicely aligned, so he said physio now was a good idea. Only slight downer - I asked if I could swim when I go on holiday (at the start of week 8) to which he said ‘we’ll see’. But I (literally, by comparison) skipped from his office, threw the crutches to one side and have hobbled round ever since. I even went along to Basketball this evening to say hello.

Definitely feels like a good week.

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  2. At times like these it can be hard to remember how bad we felt, how depressed we were and how we thought it would never go away. A post like this is always helpful to those in the earlier stages when everything seems so dark.

  3. Awesome Danair! After one week, my doc said I could put some weight on it and do my “ABC” exercises. I thought this was quick but I am all about moving. Anyway over the past few days, I have hobbled around minus the crutches (to my wife’s displeasure) but I have felt pretty good. I get the stitches out tomorrow, so I will ask if I can do this for real. Thanks Danair..

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