Three week check…

Three week check today - apparently I have the beginnings of an Achilles tendon growing in there! After a thorough grope of the back of my heal, the specialist declared that progress is being made, and he was pleased with how it felt. 5 mins, half of the heal wedge removed and I was back out the door.

I too am pleased, because the extra stretch on the tendon isn’t causing any discomfort thus far. I went to my son’s school sports day afterwards, but unfortunately had to leave before the Dads race. Maybe I should find something more appropriate to test progress in anyway. Also good news is that he gave me the ok to drive an automatic, so assuming my car isn’t going to fall apart (sinister noises eminating from the gearbox) then I get to do a swap with my Father-in-law, and I’ll be mobile again.

Have appointments in large supply this week - seeingmy osteopath on Thursday (all this time on crutches is playing havoc with my back!) and then a private specialist appointment on Friday.

But, in general feeling very positive. No going any quicker through the process, but at least I feel like there is progress being made.

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  1. How different you sound from your last post. Do you feel you have turned a corner? I saw my osteo last week for the same reason. I also found getting out of the house was like getting out of jail. So glad you can drive once you get the car swapped. I only started a few weeks ago and until then was driven everywhere by my partner. She hates driving in traffic. Now there’s a lesson in patience. Driving also gives you a sense of independence. I think we all initially want to make things happen as soon as possible and the frustration can be overwhelming. A good mental attitude (as many others have said) is a key element in the healing process. Good to hear you are mending well.

  2. Best wishes to you both. There is light at the end of the tunnel and I’m Dancin’ in it! :)

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