Six weeks - more exercises

You wait all week for an appointment and then two come at once. NHS trip first - not particularly inspiring since the guy I saw thought I had been in the boot for three weeks, didn’t know how the injury happened, didn’t know I had been in three weeks previous and showed no interest [...]

Five weeks and its physio time

Maybe it is symptomaitc of health care professionals to tell you the worst and then let you be pleased if what actually happens is better, but everytime I go to an appointment the prognosis and information I get seems to improve.
Today was my first physio appointment. I released myself from the cast [...]

A good week got better

As well as the ATR (or maybe as a result of it), I have thrown my back out. I went to see my osteopath yesterday who looked at my leg and said ‘you haven’t done something stupid like ruturing your achilles have you?’. Ho Ho Ho. Anyway, it turns out she was a bit [...]

Three week check…

Three week check today - apparently I have the beginnings of an Achilles tendon growing in there! After a thorough grope of the back of my heal, the specialist declared that progress is being made, and he was pleased with how it felt. 5 mins, half of the heal wedge removed and I [...]