So I am now 17 days post-ATR and dammit, I want to make some progress! Patience has never been my virtue, so I want to be out of the boot and walking As soon as possible. I continue to be teased and tormented by the stream of runners and cyclists going past the front door - yesterday was a lovely day when I would normally have wanted to get a good hour plus in on the bike and might have tried to tag a 5k run on the end of it. Instead I was confined to barracks.

My wife has now hired me a wheelchair, but that is worse than the crutches. The only upside to all of this is that I am trying to do some core and upper body strength work, but even that just makes me want to get in a pool and swim.

My appeal to all of you is - tell me how quick I will be out and doing stuff. I know that physio is going to hurt, but I like the kind of pain that is going to be doing good, so I want to get to that quickly. I’m on non-surgical which I figure slows the process down a bit, but I get my heal wedge taken down to half it’s current height next Mnday and to flat three weeks after that…

Is there anythign I can be doing now? Save me before I go insane!!!

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  1. Do you know when you’ll be PWB yet? As soon as that starts happening, you’ll feel a lot better. Since, you’re 17 days post op, I imagine it will be happening in the near future. Hang in there bud.

  2. Officially or unofficially? ;-)

    Didn’t have surgery as the rupture is right at the top of the tendon, so I am on a ‘wait it out’ program. The gap between the ends was pretty small (about 2 mm) so I am hoping I will be PWB when I see the specialist next week. But I am having a little experiment now and again as well…

  3. oops. That’s what i get when i just skim a post.

    Keep us updated after your specialist visit. I’m curious to see how long it takes you to get to PWB non-op.


  4. Hang in there Danair. I understand what it feels like to see everyone being active. You are not alone. I was also training for the Philly Half Marathon at the time of my injury. I have had a hard time with the sitting. I’m 8 days post op and will be going back to work on 7/5. My doc seems pretty aggressive as he already has me doing gentle exercises at home, which make me feel like i’m doing something.

    I’ve really tried to see this as a mental game and my attitude is everything. I can be positive and grateful or I can be negative. I’ve have a choice how I handle this situation. I’m pulling for you buddy!

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