7 weeks- down to one crutch!!

June 12th, 2013

So I am just over 7 weeks post op. When I went in for my 6 week appointment I was told I could start weight bearing as tolerable- which for me meant with crutches. My doctor also told me not to wear the boot anymore because it was rubbing my incision and to wear sturdy sandals with no back on them.

So there I was with my Birkenstocks, two crutches and not quite sure how to put one foot in front of the other. Since I wasn’t going to start physical therapy for a few days, I watched some YouTube videos on how to partial weight bear. The first thing I noticed was the pins and needles feeling in the bottom of my foot (this feeling went away after about 1 day) and then the extreme tightness of my Achilles. Ouch.

First day of physical therapy was a week ago. It wasn’t too bad at all, just a little light pain with the tendon. I have had two more sessions this week and I have definitely improved! I am only walking with ONE CRUTCH, wahoo!!! And I can even move around the bathroom and such without the crutches. One exercise my physical therapist has me do is my right foot is on a phone book, and my left foot (injured) is on a scale and slowly bear weight. The first session I could only do 60 pounds, today 120! More than half my body weight- needless to say I was super excited.

After each physical therapy session I am a bit sore but the next day is good. I’m very excited with my progress and I know I have a long road to recovery ahead of me, but I’m doing well so far. My incision is looking really good, too! Almost all of the strips and scabs have come off. Now if the extreme tightness in my foot and ankle would go away, I would be one happy chick!

6 Responses to “7 weeks- down to one crutch!!”

  1. 1shann on June 12, 2013 7:15 PM

    Rock on! Very inspiring to read about your progress :)

  2. kellygirl on June 13, 2013 1:34 PM

    Congratulations. Sounds like you are on your way! Hope the tightness goes away with use.

  3. normofthenorth on June 13, 2013 2:39 PM

    I think you’ll find that some of your ankle-leg stiffness is from scar tissue and stuff, and some of it is just from swelling\inflammation. I had an experience, months post-ATR and on the OTHER leg, that showed me how important the swelling\inflammation factor is, and I was shocked. Details on my blog, but try a bit more elevation and ice and such, and you may find your flexibility improves surprisingly.

  4. normofthenorth on June 13, 2013 2:42 PM

    And if you can comfortably stand and walk slowly barefoot or in Birkenstocks, you can probably just go crutch-less in “well defended” places. I carried a cane for a while when I took the subway or went to other scary places, more as a Keep Away flag and a defensive weapon than to bear weight. Crowded places full of rushing people are amazingly likely to cause the kind of pushing or tripping that’s meaningless when you’re fit, but super-scary when you’re recently injured.

  5. normofthenorth on June 13, 2013 2:44 PM

    BTW, there’s a setting in your “dashboard” that turns on some kind of editing. If you turn it on, we post-ers will be able to fix typos and add afterthoughts to our posts for (say) 15 minutes.

  6. debuff on June 24, 2013 10:03 AM

    . having a free hand really gave me such a feeling of freedom. Be sure you use the crutch opposite from your booted foot. When you step forward with your injured foot, put weight on both the crutch and boot. It didn’t take long to go to FWB.

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