14 Months

I’ve been back at the pickleball court now for a few weeks now, no problems. Injured calf still not as strong, or as big as the healthy one, but I do think it is still improving. Keep up the good work, all, and no matter how far along you are, keep working the program.

13 1/2 Months, finally tried pickleball again.

I swore I’d never play again, but after watching Richard Sherman of the 49′ers running around the field, 22 months after his ATR, I decided to go back.  First time today.  I was careful. I did not hurt myself. I had a lot of fun.
Keep up the good work, all!


Well, it has been exactly one year since I ruptured my right achilles playing pickleball. I went nonsurgical, early weight bearing. Status report is that I’m walking and playing golf, and have been since January, but, the reality is that my right calf-achilles complex is still significantly weaker than my left. Despite doing [...]

approaching 11 months and a set-back

A couple of days after my last post at 9 months, I experienced some lower back pain. This is not unusual for me, and I figured a few days of rest would get me back on track. Unfortunately it has now been 6 weeks, and I’m not back on track. I’m back in PT. [...]

9 months

Not a lot to report other than it has been 9 months. Still walking, still working on calf-raises and stretching. I am not all the way back yet, but the injury doesn’t keep me from doing what I do, which is walking and golfing. I still can’t do a single leg calf-raise [...]

Breanna Stewart

Former UConn star and current professional basketball player ruptured her right achilles tendon (yesterday, I guess) while playing in Russia. It got me to thinking about a few things about this injury. First of all, I feel for her. I don’t know how a professional athlete could ever get the point of trusting [...]

7 months

Just a quick note. We drove home from Florida this week. On the way down, after Christmas I was at 4months post-injury. I could drive, but after about 5 hours my right leg was getting pretty tired. On the way home, at 7 months, no problem. I drove 11 hours the [...]

Just moved past 6 months

Last Friday was the 6 month (26 weeks) mark since my injury..I have been in Florida since Jan. 1…As you would expect, walking much better than I was 2 months ago…still not completely normal. I can just barely get injured heel off of the ground with one leg calf-raise effort. It doesn’t bother me [...]

Closing in on 5 months

Wintering in Florida, and it has been a great place to continue my rehab. Below zero back home, with a foot and a half of snow on the ground, so it’s great to be in a place where I can walk every day. Been doing between 2 and 2 1/2 miles almost every day, [...]

8 days on the road, finally settled in

I straddled the 17 week anniversary with 8 days of travel. I drove 7 hours one day, 4 the next, then a full day off, then 7 hours, then 2 days off, then 3 hours. I’m glad I didn’t try to drive any more than 7 hours. With Holiday traffic, and snowbirds, there were [...]