13 1/2 Months, finally tried pickleball again.

I swore I’d never play again, but after watching Richard Sherman of the 49′ers running around the field, 22 months after his ATR, I decided to go back.  First time today.  I was careful. I did not hurt myself. I had a lot of fun.

Keep up the good work, all!

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  1. That’s awesome to hear Dan. I’m hoping to get back out on the pickleball court one day too. I’m 3 months post surgery so I know it will be awhile.

  2. Yes, I remember being a bit scared first time playing - practicing. I have had no problems after returning to play 4 months ago, HOWEVER, I do a lot of WARM UPS beforehand, backwards, forwards, sideways. I get MORE exhausted from the warmup than actually playing. And STRETCHING is very important too before play, and a doctor told me after play too.
    At first I was pushing myself to get through the warmups too quickly. Not good, my knee was starting to get wobbly. Warm up gradually, easily, if any concerns, slow down and go slower.

    Enjoy the warm-up, perhaps that is more important to your recovery than actually playing!

  3. Yes, I agree about the warm up. In fact, in addition to my achilles rehab I exercises I still do every day, I have had problems with lower back and shoulders, so I have a slate of exercises for those issues as well. So it’s a good hour every morning, doing all of my rehab exercises, and then off to the courts and then more stretching and warming up.

    also during play I am constantly stretching and moving around. I don’t run hard at all, nor do I jump. I probably couldn’t if I tried, but I don’t try. I am not too agile these days.

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