approaching 11 months and a set-back

A couple of days after my last post at 9 months, I experienced some lower back pain. This is not unusual for me, and I figured a few days of rest would get me back on track. Unfortunately it has now been 6 weeks, and I’m not back on track. I’m back in PT. Just had an MRI, haven’t heard the results of that yet. Everyone is suspicious, including me, that the root cause is walking with an altered gait, while attempting to rehab my achilles. So this sucks big time. But it is what it is, and we’ll get through it. The tendon gives me no trouble. I am still doing the heel lifts (not well) and stretches. I can’t walk much, so I’m getting out of shape again. The good news is I live on a lake, the weather has been too hot to golf anyway, and I’ve had lots of kids and grandkids visiting, and I probably wouldn’t have golfed much anyway. I just wish I could get my 2-3 mile walks in…Keep the faith.

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