9 months

Not a lot to report other than it has been 9 months. Still walking, still working on calf-raises and stretching. I am not all the way back yet, but the injury doesn’t keep me from doing what I do, which is walking and golfing. I still can’t do a single leg calf-raise with the bad leg. I can barely get the heel off the ground. I’m a bit surprised by that, but it is what it is. When I walk, I walk 2 to 3 miles, and sometimes it feels great, sometimes it is sore in the heel, and most times it goes back and forth between sore and fine on the same walk. Swinging a golf club causes no immediate discomfort, but I think I’m a bit more tender the day after I hit a lot of balls.

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  1. I’m four months post op and still have pronounced limp and aches when I make an effort to ambulate ‘normally’.

    I had a delayed repair with heal anchors as ed diagnosed muscle tear so it was almost 2 months after injury before I had the surgery.

    I can do combined heal raises and walk for maybe 800 meters before calf muscles and heal are quite sore. My biggest issue is it has been 6 months since I have been able to drive and I’m getting more than a little down about being so confined. I’ve tapped out friends and family re help and support.

    I find this the most difficult part of the process as its been a month since the boot came off and progress feels SOoooooo slow.

    How long post boot removal before I can walk like a normal person again?

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