7 months

Just a quick note. We drove home from Florida this week. On the way down, after Christmas I was at 4months post-injury. I could drive, but after about 5 hours my right leg was getting pretty tired. On the way home, at 7 months, no problem. I drove 11 hours the last day with no issues from my foot. My back was sore though. The 3 months in Florida, being able to walk every day was the best thing for me, I believe. I still can’t do a proper single leg calf raise with the injured foot, but I’m getting pretty close. I’m still limited by the injury as to how fast I can walk, but of course, it’s getting better all the time. Before I was injured my 3 mile walk took 45 minutes. Yesterday I did it in 55, and that was as fast as I could go. It will be interesting to monitor that over the Spring and Summer months. Keep the faith, folks…it gets better.

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  1. So how long did it take for you to walk without a limp?

  2. When I’m walking around the house I don’t limp. I’d say that sort of simple walking took maybe 4 months. However, I’m closing in on 8 months now, and I still can’t stride as long or as powerfully as I could before the injury, and when I get tired, I limp still. Yesterday, for example, I did my usual 3 mile walk, but the day before I had pushed my golf cart walking nine holes of golf on a hilly wet, soggy course. I felt like I was plowing a field. Consequently after about a mile and 1/4 yesterday, my tendon started to ache. It’s rare that it does that, but it bothered me to the point that I figured I should slow down, and turn around. It feels fine today, but I haven’t walked yet.
    So the short answer is under certain circumstances, I still limp. The doc told me, at month 4, I shouldn’t worry about having reached the endpoint of my recovery until at least a year. Being I’m 65, I think it may take longer even than that to feel like it never happened, and frankly, based on how I’ve healed from other injuries received late in life, it may never feel like it never happened.

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