Last (?) Visit with Surgeon

Tomorrow will be 15 weeks post injury. I saw the surgeon today. He checked out the tendon, tested my strength etc. He was very pleased. I had a concern about the swelling I still exhibit, and he wasn’t the least bit concerned about it. In fact he said I’d be more swollen if I’d let him do the surgery. I leave for Florida in 2 weeks and he said it’s totally up to my own preference whether I go to PT down there, or continue my regimen at home. He gave me an Rx for PT should I decide to pursue it. He said I don’t need to see him again unless I have some concern down the road. He congratulated me on going non-surgical, and felt, at this point, I made the right choice. (He had recommended surgery at our initial visit, but I opted for non-surgical). I celebrated by taking a 3 mile walk, my longest walk yet. No issues with tendon. My back got a little stiff, due to my slightly altered gait. Feels good!

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  1. Congrats! Seems like you made the right choice as far as your treatment plan is concerned. I had my first PT mention that you can see swelling well up to the 6th month mark. That darn foot is just so far away from your heart and fluids just collect down there. Keep us updated into the future…I’m curious as to how it holds up next to the surgical approach. Also, super jealous of the 3 mile walk! Well done!

  2. Glad everything is going so well!

  3. Dan-glad to see your moving along. You inspired me to also try a 3 mile walk today. It went alright, no complaints. Thanks man!

  4. jeff16, ha! glad I could be so inspirational. Even more glad that everything went well for you.

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