Last PT (I think)

With Christmas around the corner, and then my departure for Florida for the winter, I’m done with my local PT. They and I are very pleased with my progress. My doc says it’s totally up to me whether or not I feel I need to find PT in Florida. I’ll see how it goes. They [...]

Weight Gain

I figured I’d share this as a cautionary tale. When I got hurt my wife put the bathroom scale in a closet so there would be one less thing for me to trip over. That was 15 weeks ago. I pulled it out last night and, not terribly surprisingly, I’ve put on a few pounds. [...]

Last (?) Visit with Surgeon

Tomorrow will be 15 weeks post injury. I saw the surgeon today. He checked out the tendon, tested my strength etc. He was very pleased. I had a concern about the swelling I still exhibit, and he wasn’t the least bit concerned about it. In fact he said I’d be more swollen if I’d [...]

14 Weeks!

Today marks 14 weeks since my injury. I walked a bit over 2 miles yesterday, after my PT appointment. PT is very pleased, somewhat impressed (I think that’s because I’m their first non-surgical ATR client)… adding more balancing exercises, continuing to stretch and do calf raises. Still doing double calf raises up, and [...]