varicose veins

I’m wondering if any in the group have noticed varicose veins developing on the injured foot/ankle area. I’ve never had any, but I am definitely developing them, only in the area where I’ve had the persistent “cankle”, on the injured achilles.

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  1. I don’t know if you’d call them varicose veins but it seems like I do have some little spider veins developing in my cankle area. Of course, they may have always been there but I’m noticing them now because of my foot obsession. Kind of makes sense though with all the swelling and reduced blood flow.

  2. I saw the same thing recently - in the skin where my foot arches and back towards the ankle. But then I looked at my right foot and I see it there too. Of course those may be from my right foot surgery … who knows! I didn’t even notice them with my right foot.

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