10 Weeks+…I drove today

Not much to report other than nobody died. I did my right achilles, so driving was impossible with the boot. I am just about 2 weeks out of the boot, walking in shoes, working on the gait. I walked a mile in shoes yesterday, with my poles. No problems. A little tight this morning, but not bad. Not much more so than normally, I suppose.

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  1. Way to go Dan! I was happy that yesterday I was “flat” footed all day and could do my full list of PT exercises and the achilles is fine today! It took 2 days of rest to recover from my 2nd PT appt on top of the day before that being in flats too long. I do love this part of the healing process where you can see improvements week to week and sometimes day to day. Later on the progress gets slower and you only see it if you compare month to month.

  2. yeah, right. things seem to get noticeably stronger every week. My PT hasn’t mentioned at all about walking around barefoot. I don’t enjoy it much. Partly because it’s winter and my floors are cold. I keep forgetting to ask about it.

    My first day in PT they put me on a bike with no boot. I thought my AT was going to explode. Two weeks later it’s no problem. Last week they put me between the parallel bars and told me to try to balance for 10 seconds on the bad leg. Again, it felt terrible. Couldn’t do it. 5 days later I can do 30 seconds, back to back. But man, it exhausted the entire leg.

  3. Nice to see you are improving quickly with the PT. I was griping about waking for distance last week and just did 1.5 Miles on the treadmill with minimum pain and swelling. Keep it up man!

  4. I’m doing the balancing work too Dan. I’m now balancing on a pillow and I suspect I’ll migrate to a bosu ball in 2-3 days. Now that your at 30 seconds try doing it with your eyes closed - LOL! That is HARD! But it gives you another challenge.

  5. Hi Dan914,

    I check back periodically just to see what is happening with fellow Achilles victims. Like you, I ruptured my Achilles playing pickleball at the age of 65. For me it was my third time on the court, a freshly retired IT director ready to dive head first from the desk to the courts. I went the surgery route and it kept me off the court for about 6 months but I just wanted to ensure you that whatever route you take, you will get back to being able to play without fear of another rupture. I play competitively three or four times a week for several hours and I will be in the 3.5+ Sarasota Cup tournament this weekend. It has been 4+ years since my rupture… so far so good! Good luck and I hope you go back to the game. It is a great sport! Retired65

  6. Hi Robert, thank you for the post! My plan at this point is to forego any future pickleball. I can’t bear the thought of going through this again.

    I will stick to my other sports; golf, walking, bicycling, boating, and fishing.

    But I congratulate you on getting back in the saddle and playing.

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