A Question for the Veterans: Stretching

I am wondering when you all started stretching the achilles. I was looking at the Twaddle Protocol posted, and it says to start stretching after you can do a single leg “toe raise”. I wasn’t sure what a toe raise was, so I Googled it and got two distinctly different results. One was just what it sounds like, you pick your toes off the ground with the heel on the ground. But other examples were what I’d call a “calf raise”, or “heel raise”. Also adding to my confusion is the fact that once one starts walking in two shoes, in order to improve one’s gait, one needs to have a certain amount of stretch of the AT. So when, and how, did you all start stretching your AT? thanks!

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  1. I started doing standing dorsiflexion stretch at 10 weeks, band exercises (which do some easy stretching) at 5 weeks I think. I’ve never heard of the toe raise defining any point in the PT routine. In fact a toe raise is something I never had to do for any PT or exercise for the achilles. I don’t think the achilles is involved with the toes at all so I don’t know why that would have any bearing. I see my PT at Friday and I’m at 12 weeks now. My doc said I can do eccentric exercises but my achilles is not ready for those yet. I could only do 2 of the one exercise he showed me before things started hurting so I stopped. My PT told me if it hurts stop doing it.
    At 10 weeks I also started doing seated calf raises. Once I could do those with no weight I leaned on my legs to add weight. Once I could do it easily while leaning on it I started adding weights. I’m up to 15 lbs now. I tried leaning on it with the 15 lbs and that was too much weight. I may try 17 lbs since I have 15 and 2 pound weights I can use.

  2. thanks for the response cserpent. Yes, I am totally befuddled by the “toe raises” thing. I have PT tomorrow and Friday. Friday marks exactly the 10 week date from my injury. I am doing seated calf raises, although not particularly well, and doing a similar move with a light band. I am gently stretching to about 90 degrees (or I guess what they’d call “neutral”). I’m going to go easy on the achilles stretch until week 12.

  3. Not sure on the toe raises either. Starting at 12 weeks I was doing…

    Ankle clockwise/counter clockwise rotation 20 reps
    Lateral ankle with the resistance bands x 20
    Dors/plantar flex with the resistance bands x 20
    Calf stretch and soleus stretch 3 sets of 20 seconds each
    Balance on each leg starting at 30 secs on a pillow

    2 sessions/day. It took me about 20 mins per session.

  4. thanks, Jeff.

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