9 Weeks, Cleared for PT, and Shoes

Finally have been cleared for PT, although I was doing a few things on my own. My PT has zero experience with non-surgical cases. He was amazed at how far along I was based upon my range of motion, and strength, which he tested just by having me resist his pressure, or resisting my pressure when I moved my foot around. He was also taken aback by how well developed the tendon looked and felt. He even asked “are you sure it was completely ruptured? Yes, it was. Eventually we got down to some exercises I did there, and to be done at home. This was Thursday, BTW. By Thursday evening I was ready to put the boot back on, as I was getting a bit sore. Friday was great. Did all of my exercises, spent the entire day in shoes, including walking about 1/2 mile with my poles. Slept without the boot, which I’ve been doing, but it was the most comfortable it’s ever been without the boot.
I have to admit though, it’s a bit sore today, so I have the boot on, foot up, and plan on taking it pretty easy today. Probably just do some of the gentle stretches. The weather sucks today, so I won’t even be tempted to try another walk. Hopefully I stressed it just enough, not too much.

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  1. Sounds like you’re motoring right along! Just don’t overdo it. I’m curious as to what kind of exercises you were doing on your own. Just a little flexing and ankle rolls? Or resistance bands?

  2. Once I was in the boot, after 3 weeks, my surgeon wanted me to just do a simple exercise where I dangle the foot and let it seek it’s normal angle, then, with no resistance, pick the foot up (dorsal flex) but only up to the boot position, which was slightly before neutral. I also started doing “toe spreads”. The toe spreads were from YouTube. After another week of that, on my own based upon what I’d been reading and seeing on YouTube, I did ankle eversions and aversions without resistance. Starting week 8 I did seated calf raises. Other than that first exercise, it was all self-directed based upon reading, and YouTube videos posted by other folks who went “non-surgical, early weight bearing”, but were, I felt, in the hands of doctors and PT more comfortable with it than my guy.

  3. Dan, that’s awesome that you’re in shoes. My doc wants me in a boot for the full 12 weeks which will be early December. I’m well into PT but haven’t removed any wedges so I haven’t tried walking without the boot yet. I think we plan on taking a wedge out this upcoming Thursday so I’ve been trying to normalize my foot to the new angle it will be at while doing my seated calf raises.

    Best of luck and keep us posted on your progress.

  4. So encouraging, thank you for sharing!

    I went the surgery route. Hoping the cast comes off and I’m put into a boot on Monday. Fingers crossed PT will start shortly after that.

  5. Glad you’re in shoes! Yes don’t overdue it - LOL! I overdid it 2 days ago - did some yard clipping, a short dog walk and did some vacuuming. By the end of the vacuuming I was getting spasms in the Achilles. So I did one footed vacuuming - LOL! I’ve been babying it since and today it’s feeling like it’s happier. I’ve concluded I will have to get compression socks this time around though. My foot swells up with only about an hour of up time and when it swells I get pain.

  6. Bruiser, is there something specific about your case that the Dr. feels contra-indicates early weight bearing, or is he just not a believer in it?

  7. He’s all about the early weight bearing, just wants it protected in the boot. Most of the protocols I’ve seen start weaning out of the boot at 8-12 weeks. If I feel good at 10 I may push to get out sooner, but right now at 7.5 my muscles aren’t anywhere close to being ready.

  8. Bruiser, of course that makes sense. I misunderstood.

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