varicose veins

I’m wondering if any in the group have noticed varicose veins developing on the injured foot/ankle area. I’ve never had any, but I am definitely developing them, only in the area where I’ve had the persistent “cankle”, on the injured achilles.

12 1/2 Weeks

Nothing amazing to report.  Making good progress at 12.5 weeks.  More strength, more stability, better walking gait week by week.  As I mentioned before, things that were hard-impossible two weeks ago, are easier and do-able know. I feel better and stronger nearly everyday.,definitely week-by-week.
For those of you not as far along as I, be heartened. [...]

10 Weeks+…I drove today

Not much to report other than nobody died. I did my right achilles, so driving was impossible with the boot. I am just about 2 weeks out of the boot, walking in shoes, working on the gait. I walked a mile in shoes yesterday, with my poles. No problems. A little tight this morning, [...]

A Question for the Veterans: Stretching

I am wondering when you all started stretching the achilles. I was looking at the Twaddle Protocol posted, and it says to start stretching after you can do a single leg “toe raise”. I wasn’t sure what a toe raise was, so I Googled it and got two distinctly different results. One was just [...]

9 Weeks, Cleared for PT, and Shoes

Finally have been cleared for PT, although I was doing a few things on my own. My PT has zero experience with non-surgical cases. He was amazed at how far along I was based upon my range of motion, and strength, which he tested just by having me resist his pressure, or resisting my pressure [...]