First Night with the Boot

Hah! I’m supposed to be able to sleep with this thing? I thought the cast was annoying, but the boot is a whole “nutha” step up the ladder of annoying. I’m sure it will get better, but last night’s sleep was pretty fitful. C’est la vie. We’ll get through it.

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  1. I absolutely HATED (that’s not even a strong enough word for it….hellish nightmare comes to mind) the cast, so for me being in a boot was a dream! But at night, I would sometimes take off the hard front plate and just Velcro over the foam lining. My foot was still solid, but I found it a bit more comfortable. Even without doing that, I always had to loosen the boot a bit at night or my whole foot would fall asleep.
    The first night without the boot I felt like my foot was made of glass and one wrong move and it would shatter!
    It will pass. You can do it!

  2. Thanks, shell…How many weeks post-injury before you could take the boot off at night? BTW, night #2 was better than night #1. Not perfect, but better. I need to figure out a way to not beat up the other leg with this thing.

  3. For me it was 5 weeks, but I had Haglund’s deformity removal surgery rather than ATR, so a bit different. I always kept my foot propped up on a pillow, even while sleeping, which I found kept the boot away from my other foot. Good to hear night 2 was better!

  4. Glad to hear night #2 was better!
    I’ll be three weeks post-op tomorrow (complete ATR), and can’t wait to get this cast off. I see my surgeon on Monday, so hopefully then…
    I’ve been sleeping with my leg propped on pillows at night like shell37, and will likely continue to do so once I’m in a boot.

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