First Night with the Boot

Hah! I’m supposed to be able to sleep with this thing? I thought the cast was annoying, but the boot is a whole “nutha” step up the ladder of annoying. I’m sure it will get better, but last night’s sleep was pretty fitful. C’est la vie. We’ll get through it.

End of week 3,,,and a boot

Everything went great at the surgeon’s today. Despite the snippiness of whoever I spoke with earlier in the week, the doc had received my message, and was very supportive. His biggest concern is me slipping if my boot is off, like in the shower. He doesn’t see much value at this point in formal [...]

dan914’s Achilles Rupture Blog

Ok, well,  I’m a retired dentist, 65 years old, active, fit, healthy, all of which led me to try pickleball.  I was very eager to try it. I used to play a lot of platform tennis, and have been watching pickleball grow in popularity, even among us old gray-haired types.  First day on court I [...]