Closing in on 5 months

Wintering in Florida, and it has been a great place to continue my rehab. Below zero back home, with a foot and a half of snow on the ground, so it’s great to be in a place where I can walk every day. Been doing between 2 and 2 1/2 miles almost every day, plus my calf raises, balancing, and stretching (+ my back exercises from a previous issue)…I started golfing again, started out a few weeks ago by hitting small clubs, then playing par 3 courses, then 9 holes on regular courses. It’s going well. I’m taking carts, not walking the courses, but you get quite a bit of walking in when you hit the ball where I hit it, where you are not supposed to drive carts…oops…It still doesn’t feel normal, I still can’t do a single leg calf raise on the bad leg…but it’s getting better, and I’m getting closer…Hope you all are continuing to improve steadily.

8 days on the road, finally settled in

I straddled the 17 week anniversary with 8 days of travel. I drove 7 hours one day, 4 the next, then a full day off, then 7 hours, then 2 days off, then 3 hours. I’m glad I didn’t try to drive any more than 7 hours. With Holiday traffic, and snowbirds, there were some hour long “stop and go” situations, and my leg (ATR was right leg) was tired, and it got swollen. All settled in now in Florida. Got a good walk in. Tomorrow I’ll settle in to a routing of walking and exercising it. Also, I need to lose about 15 lbs…ugh…

Last PT (I think)

With Christmas around the corner, and then my departure for Florida for the winter, I’m done with my local PT. They and I are very pleased with my progress. My doc says it’s totally up to me whether or not I feel I need to find PT in Florida. I’ll see how it goes. They gave me plenty to do on my own, stressing the stretching exercises, calf raises, balancing, and my personal favorite, walking. 16 weeks post injury yesterday. Feeling better all the time. Now if I can lose about 8 pounds and fit back into my pants, that would be great.

Weight Gain

I figured I’d share this as a cautionary tale. When I got hurt my wife put the bathroom scale in a closet so there would be one less thing for me to trip over. That was 15 weeks ago. I pulled it out last night and, not terribly surprisingly, I’ve put on a few pounds. The combination of being cooped up inside surrounded by my food, and not getting my normal amount of exercise, and wearing nothing but sweatpants has allowed me to put on about 10 lbs. I do not need or want. It’s probably a good thing I weighed myself before all of the Holiday family get-togethers.

Last (?) Visit with Surgeon

Tomorrow will be 15 weeks post injury. I saw the surgeon today. He checked out the tendon, tested my strength etc. He was very pleased. I had a concern about the swelling I still exhibit, and he wasn’t the least bit concerned about it. In fact he said I’d be more swollen if I’d let him do the surgery. I leave for Florida in 2 weeks and he said it’s totally up to my own preference whether I go to PT down there, or continue my regimen at home. He gave me an Rx for PT should I decide to pursue it. He said I don’t need to see him again unless I have some concern down the road. He congratulated me on going non-surgical, and felt, at this point, I made the right choice. (He had recommended surgery at our initial visit, but I opted for non-surgical). I celebrated by taking a 3 mile walk, my longest walk yet. No issues with tendon. My back got a little stiff, due to my slightly altered gait. Feels good!

14 Weeks!

Today marks 14 weeks since my injury. I walked a bit over 2 miles yesterday, after my PT appointment. PT is very pleased, somewhat impressed (I think that’s because I’m their first non-surgical ATR client)… adding more balancing exercises, continuing to stretch and do calf raises. Still doing double calf raises up, and trying to focus on injured leg when coming down. PT was favorably impressed with strength and ROM tests compared to when I started PT 5 weeks ago. So am I. I don’t walk normally, but getting closer all of the time. I’ll be leaving for Florida Dec. 26, arriving there after Jan.1..I think I’ll be able to golf by then. I could probably golf now if the course wasn’t snow covered. Another few weeks should really be good.

varicose veins

I’m wondering if any in the group have noticed varicose veins developing on the injured foot/ankle area. I’ve never had any, but I am definitely developing them, only in the area where I’ve had the persistent “cankle”, on the injured achilles.

12 1/2 Weeks

Nothing amazing to report.  Making good progress at 12.5 weeks.  More strength, more stability, better walking gait week by week.  As I mentioned before, things that were hard-impossible two weeks ago, are easier and do-able know. I feel better and stronger nearly everyday.,definitely week-by-week.

For those of you not as far along as I, be heartened.  It gets better.

10 Weeks+…I drove today

Not much to report other than nobody died. I did my right achilles, so driving was impossible with the boot. I am just about 2 weeks out of the boot, walking in shoes, working on the gait. I walked a mile in shoes yesterday, with my poles. No problems. A little tight this morning, but not bad. Not much more so than normally, I suppose.

A Question for the Veterans: Stretching

I am wondering when you all started stretching the achilles. I was looking at the Twaddle Protocol posted, and it says to start stretching after you can do a single leg “toe raise”. I wasn’t sure what a toe raise was, so I Googled it and got two distinctly different results. One was just what it sounds like, you pick your toes off the ground with the heel on the ground. But other examples were what I’d call a “calf raise”, or “heel raise”. Also adding to my confusion is the fact that once one starts walking in two shoes, in order to improve one’s gait, one needs to have a certain amount of stretch of the AT. So when, and how, did you all start stretching your AT? thanks!