Run Forrest Run!!

October 4th, 2008 | Uncategorized |

I’m cleared to run!! WOOHOO!!

The doc said, “You can start jogging. Just go buy new shoes, and take it easy!” I started laughing, thinking back 15 minutes to my heavy breathing at the top of the stairs to the third floor of the ortho center. Sadly, my lungs will probably give before the leg does at this point!

The doctor asked if i’d been working out. I practically begged him a couple of months ago to please at least let me get on the elliptical. Well, I’ve been busy with work etc. All EXCUSES not reasons as Dr Walton sharply reminded me. Then he said,”Where did the girl that cried about not being able to workout go? You need to get her back”

Where did she go? As soon as I get my (new) gait mapped and get new shoes, I guess i’ll have to run and find her.




5 Responses to “Run Forrest Run!!”

  1. Congrats! So why do you have to get new shoes? How does it feel running?

  2. Hi tiancai17-

    I need to get new shoes for a couple of reasons. 1, my gait and instep have changed. 2, Doc recommended getting running shoes with alot of support. I can tell in all of my running shoes that I have that my foot, and walk are different. I do have one pair that haven’t been worn all that much that I’ve been running in. OMG!!! I FEELS SO GOOD TO JOG!! I’m having to take it easy. So, doing about a mile everyday, just breaking it up in 3-4 minutes intervals. Run for 3-4 minutes, walk for 1-2 minutes. LOTS of stretching when i’m done. My leg feels at its best when and right after i’ve worked out. I do still ice when I get back.

    GO DUCKS!!

  3. D~

    Still going to the game tomorrow? Maybe you can run around the stadium when we crush UCLA!!!!
    We were going to tailgate but I think we’re just going straight to the game. Would love to meet you and share war stories with a local. I am sitting in the club section 33, row 68, seats 3 and 4. Come find us. I’ll buy a celebratory drink. I just got into two shoes myself, but no running for me for quite a while. I need to find my calf muscle, i seem to have lost it somewhere!!!

    GO DUCKS!!!!

  4. Good to hear from you. Yeah the running was going well until Saturday. Anyway, I guess that we need to heed the doctor’s suggestions of “take it slow”. At least that is what my doctor told me. “Be patient, it takes a year”. Your Ducks and doing better than my Orange (Syracuse). Go Ducks!

  5. Go BEars. Great job Damacar! I knew I could jog about 2 weeks ago when I played chicken with a car in the road and actually “hoofed” it pretty good across the street….WOW I just ran…(sorta). I”m on the tred mill the first itme this week - at six months. and the 15lbs I lost, I gained back. MUST go to gym. YOU TOO. Have new PT with massage b/c I cannot do squats, but can do a leg lift. Six months is BRUTAL. I can, but I can’t.

    Go Bears.

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