Long time no post!!

September 23rd, 2008 | Uncategorized |

Well, I have my +/- 6 month check up next week. YAY, i’ll post my news of course.

However, the reason I wanted to post today was because I was given Proquin XR for an infection. Long story short, a friend in the medical field gave me free samples. This medication falls into the fluoroquinolones family which are the ones that have the Achilles and other endon tearing side effect. So, I called my ortho…haven’t heard back yet, but the assistant I talked to said call my pharmacist. So, I called the pharmacist. She couldn’t tell me anything that I didn’t find online. So, I decided to call the company that makes the medication. DEPOMED, INC. They couldn’t tell me anything either!! WTF? What I really wanted to know was, how will taking these affect my ATR/other tendons, and how long do I need to be cautious? I was only going to take 3 days worth of the medication. Needless to say, I called to get just regular old antibiotics that i’ll take for 7-10 days. Its not worth the risk to me. Unbelievable!! 

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  1. Damacar,
    Good for you for doing your research, and I think you made a wise choice….not point risking your progress!!! Looking forward to your 6 month post!!

  2. Well, later on after I posted this I got the call from my ortho. He said,”ABSOLUTLEY NOT!! You can never take that medication. Nice work on your research!” I assured him that I hadn’t taken any and had just left the pharmacy with an alternate medication.
    So, for any of you UTI sufferers…make sure you get macrodam/macrobid instead.

  3. Damacar,

    Good info. On another note, since we have the same clinic-different docs. What type of surgery did you have? I had the minimally invasive with the achillon device. Just curious. It seems so many people on here have the open surgery with massive scars. I have a 4 cm incison that was healed by 2 weeks. I just hope that the minimally invasive surgery is as strong as something else. You know how it is trying to get an answer out of the docs!!!

    GO DUCKS!!
    p.s. Are you going to UCLA? If so you’ll have to meet up with us tailgating in our RV!!

  4. Hey Matt. Lets just say mine was pretty invasive. I ripped the s### out of my tendon though, and it retracted really high. My scar is 5-6 inches long but as thin as a pencil line.

    I am going to UCLA. Email me when it gets closer and we’ll hook up! We sit in Section 18 and always tailgate. Nothing like a few Bud Lights to celebrate…or ease the pain of a loss. =(


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