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August 12th, 2008 | Uncategorized |

Anyone doing squats or lunges yet?

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  1. Doing ball squats in PT - man that stretch feels harsh!

  2. I am doing both

  3. Instead of squats/lunges, I opted to do standing leg press on the assisted pull up machine. This is a great controlled exercise. I was pretty happy I was able to do 100lbs with my ATR leg, even the trainer was impressed.The worst part was not saying,”Well, I used to do….”
    Overall I had a good workout. My first “workout” instead of just cardio. Started getting leg cramps mid-workout, that kind of sucked. Tried some calf raises, got about 1/2 inch off the ground-WOOHOO! The best part…man does it feel good to be sore!

  4. I saw one of your posts today about looking out the 3rd floor window and seeing Autzen Stadium. Must be Slocum Center? Dr. Jones? That’s where I had my surgery on August 6th. Do you have good insurance? My insurance sucks so I’m waiting for the big bill from Slocum. They seem to take pretty good care so far though. Going today to get my boot on!!!! Take care.

  5. Hey Matt…i’m so sorry you joined our club! This site helped me alot.

    I had my surgery at Slocum on May 6th. Dr Walton. They are awesome. I HAD good insurance. I was on COBRA carryover plan from my husbands previous job(Weyerhaeuser-so AWESOME insurance). It ended June 30th…so my surgery was covered and everything but I only had 5 PT appts. Its $89-$100/hr at West End inside courtsports W 11th.

    So, I did go to the Huskie game. I was hurtin from walking around in the gravel and up/down the ramp and stairs. But, as sore as it was…that was my goal, so it felt good!

    If you have any questions or anything, let me know!


    GO DUCKS!!

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