No Jogging…yet.

August 5th, 2008 | Uncategorized |

I had what I thought would be my last ortho appointment yesterday. My “last” one will be October 3rd. That will be 5 months post-op. He asked if I worked out, since I called for approval last week to “elliptical”. I said, “Good, I did about 25 minutes.” He just smiled, shook his head and said,”…and you were how sore after? Take it easy.”  

I asked all my questions even though I left the post it on my desk at work. My main concern was ankle pain. I have two screws in it from 18 yrs ago. He said not to worry about it now. If its still bothering me at my next appt, we’ll address it then. I’m free to do alot, not everything. Calf raises etc. He said to concentrate on those. I said,”so then I can jog?” He said very promptly after, “NO JOGGING!!” I just smiled and said, “I had to try, the worst you could say was no, right?”

So, there’s good news and bad news. The bad news, he was running 30 minutes behind. UGH. The good news, I FINALLY got to drive myself to the appt, WALK into the building-on two feet, and CLIMB the stairs to the 3rd floor! I was probably smiling like an idiot, but I thought to myself, “If people don’t get why I’m smiling, they will soon enough, or don’t” right?  

I’ve often tried to figure out why this happened, as I’m sure most of you have. I just wonder if I was taking my body for granted. I was working out hard, expecting it to perform, maybe too much. Does a 37 year old girl really need to be doing SPARQ training?     

The answer for me?   HELL YES, SHE DOES!

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  1. I know the feeling when you finally get to drive again was so good. I was also most proud when i could wear matching shoes again since it had been so long. Dont ponder on the question of why its not worth it. Remember dont push yourself to hard you dont want a re rupture. i ruptured my achilles playing soccer and have to ask the quesion should i play next season and i arrive at the same answer as you hell yes. have a good day

  2. A 37 year old needs to do what makes her happy! Thats what people do not get about active people who want to go back and do the sport or activity they were doing before the injury. Because we ENJOY it, sorry I’m not a gardner, biking and running makes us happy. This injury SUCKS and takes forever to heal,I FEEL your pain. We will get back there soon!! Keep your head up, I am at the same exact date Post-Op as you and I am going to try and start jogging in three weeks myself. I am not in a big hurry right now, but I am starting to get the itch to jog.

  3. tennisjunkie

    Hi Damacar, the ladies US Amateur was held this past weekend in Eugene Oregon! Course looked very nice, lots of evergreens.

  4. It’s a pretty nice course. I’ve never been on the actual course but have seen it from the clubhouse a couple of times. It’s an exclusive club. I’ll get on the potential member waiting list as soon as I start making 7 figures. LOL. It is very green here, but you have to have alot of rain to get the green which sucks…trade offs right?

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