…and she is P-I-S-S-E-D off!  Yesterday was my first bout with the elliptical. It went pretty well. 25 minutes, two minute intervals (2 minutes as hard as I could, 2 minutes rest). Two minute only because that’s all my lungs would allow. I used to do 60-80 minutes, 5 minute intervals. (5 minutes, 1 minute rest). I feel like I did a respectable job considering I haven’t been on the elliptical machine since April 28th, THE day this all started. It felt good to sweat. I iced as soon as I got back to my desk. Elevated when I got home. She (my calf muscle) was achin’! Massaged my ankle/calf last night before I went to bed. My husband and I were supposed to go on a ride last night, I thought better of it, not knowing what today would bring. Well, I’m glad I didn’t go on the bike ride! Today my calf feels ok, limping a bit,  but, my hip, my quad, my hamstring-all a little sore. IT FEELS SO GOOD! My shoulders, arms and chest are a little sore also. I couldn’t just do cardio and stretching. I had to do a push-up/dip ladder and some tri-ups.  She’s baaaack! LOL

2 Responses to “Holy Crap!! I have a calf muscle….”

  1. I am sooooooo jealous!!! I can only dream of getting back to the gym. I am five weeks behind you and am still in a cast so no driving anywhere. I saw another lady in a cast last night at the movies and she asked me how I was staying fit. I told her that I was turning into a big pile of mush. Man it’s going to take a while to get back in shape. Congratulations!

  2. Great job Dama! You rule. keep hurtin’ those muscles. I can’t wait for that feeling.

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