“I’m sailing!!”

July 30th, 2008 | Uncategorized |

For those “What about Bob” fans. I can elliptical! I got the call from the┬áDr. All I could think of was Bob and his baby steps, (the irony is killing me) and sailing. I freaking love that movie, I’ve been known to exclaim, “i’m sailin” when i’m not sailing but feel the urge. So, tomorrow, i’m going to elliptical at lunch and hope that I don’t exclaim that i’m sailing and if I do, I don’t laugh too hard at myself, which I do sometimes also. haha.I also hope that I don’t get carried out in a straight jacket.

2 Responses to ““I’m sailing!!””

  1. go go go go go SAILING! oh the elliptical sounds so dreamy. I cant’ wait to exercise….ugh!

  2. tennisjunkie

    One of my favorite Bill Murray movies - much better than Caddyshack IMO. Love that movie!

    I felt the same way about going swimming the first time. It was heaven.

    So enjoy the elliptical — I see my doctor next week, and I am ready to tell him it is time for me to bike and use the elliptical. He will probably say not yet…

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