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Has anyone seen video of someone rupturing achilles the same way you did? I watched American Gladiator this week. They have a new event called “snapback”. That’s similar to how I ruptured my achilles. It was very upsetting to watch. I, of course, started thinking about what I could have done differently, and all that crap.

I can always count on my sensible side to snap me out it, and a glass of wine. What’s done is done, no sense rehashing it. I did wonder if my trainer watched the show. I’m sure he had the same thoughts.

Has anyone experienced MAJOR soreness in the heel from PT? It was so bad last night I almost took a post-op pain pill.  Oh hell, its just sleep, right?

4 Responses to “SnapBack”

  1. tennisjunkie

    Re Heel pain — yes! I hurt every day — really at the bottom of my heal. I don’t have pt yet, but I walk in the boot, and it often hurts alot.

    I guess this is another fun part of the recovery process.

  2. Thanks for the comfort tennisjunkie!

  3. damacar,

    My heel kills me too…I have bought gel insoles, heel pads, nothing seems to help. I hate this boot.

  4. I am at home watching the tennis and thinking I wish this heel pain would go away, it is driving me mad. I did mention it to my physio on Monday and she did say it is not uncommon, but it could also be a ’spur’. I am sitting in my (flirty-back chair) with my foot in the air ice pack balanced just wishing the pain would subside.

    So glad it isn’t just me, thought I was being a bit weak.


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