My ROM is “phenominal” said the Physical Therapist this a.m.  I had my first appt. I was happy to hear that! Got some exercises to do.

My post-op tape came off this weekend. The doc had taped up my incision since all of my stitches were on the inside. I have one of the prettiest scars i’ve seen. Pretty happy about that too! it’s nice to start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!! Normalcy, here I come! =) 

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  1. damacar,

    you go with your phenomenal ROM! And your pretty scar—mine definitely gets the “Whoa!” response. Though, I’m secretly kind of proud of that… Great news all around!

  2. Am I being an idiot here but I don’t know what ROM is ?!!

    Keep seeing it mentioned but it is not an expression I know. It may be called something different in England, if it is an exercise that I should know about, perhaps a brief description of the exercise might help my progress.


  3. annieh - ROM = range of motion. Dennis has a guide on the main page that shows some simple exercises to improve ROM once you’re out of the cast. Here’s the link:

  4. damacar,

    Thats great! Your ROM is probably better then mine and I have had three PT sessions. Keep it up!! This injury isn’t so bad…Yikes, ok maybe it is, but we are all making progress!!

  5. Thank You Tom,

    It’s obvious when you know. Will check out the link and get to work. Will impress my physio on Thursday when I tell her about my ROM !!


  6. Thanks for the response! On the scar note, i’ve seen some gnarly scars! My ortho said it would be pretty but wow! On the pretty note…at least people know why you’re limping if you have the bigger scar! My boss said I should get a tattoo above with an arrow so people know. LOL. Funny, but i think i’d rather just forget about it.


  7. Annie - I’ve updated the frequently asked questions to include the usual acronyms mentioned on this site:

    When one person asks, it usually means there are 99 other people that had the same question, but didn’t ask. So thanks for asking.. it helped answer the question for others. thanks!

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