+ 72 hours

April 18, 2016

Ok, so surgery went fine, there were no unexpected surprises so that is a good thing. This time I am on some nausea/vomit medications that although it serves a purpose, it feels like its main purpose is to get me to fall asleep. There is a “Drowsy” warning with this and yes, they mean this.

The first 72 hours were meant to be spent in bed with my foot elevated, while also icing my leg. so far mission accomplishes. only really got out of bed to go to the bathroom, other  that that I have essentially been in one place for 72 hours. This is starting to grind on me. Hopefully it wont be too bad, I have a good amount of movies, tv shows and books lined up for me to watch/read so we will see what happens.

One Response to “+ 72 hours”

  1. mibball said:

    Continue to stay ahead of the pain and medicate as prescribed. You don’t want that catching up to you.

    Get those movies and shows lined up. You’re gonna dread the first two weeks, and by day 8 or so you’re going to go crazy from being inside all the time. Everyone on this site’s been there! Stay positive.

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