T-Minus 48 Hours

April 13, 2016

So, time has passed quicker than I thought and surgery is less than 48 hours away. This time there is something different about the time leading up to the surgery, it feel different because it is happening on my terms. The first time I had a rupture on Thursday night, and was in the operating room on Monday. Being able to schedule the surgery and have it happen on my schedule kind of changes everything as well.

At the time of rupture #1, I was working a job that required me to be on my feet the whole day, and was living by myself. Obviously, a rupture doesn’t play nice with those two facts. I was lucky enough to be able to have my dad fly out for a week to take care of me after the surgery. That was helpful, but after he left, I was on my own. The wait to full weight bearing was 8 weeks, and that was a very, very long 8 weeks.

This time, there is a sense of optimism stemming from me being in a different place in my life. Being married, help with the thought of having to go through this alone. My job, now a travel/desk job will allow me to go back to the office after 2 weeks, as long as things progress like they should and I keep off my foot. I will be back travelling at around 8 weeks.  Not that I am a workaholic and miss work that much, but to be able to be back in the mix with friends and having a better sense of purpose than the frustration of being alone.

Also, it is a small thing, but having a different boot to wear post-surgery is something that I am looking forward to. Instead of the Bledsoe boot, which I had last time, I am rocking the Vacocast (Vacoped).  Having researched the different boots and knowing the positives and the negatives of the Bledsoe boot, I am looking forward to some of the advantages that the Vacocast will provide.

Since my rupture isn’t that bad as I remarked in my first post,  and I have been able to walk pre-surgery, my recovery time isn’t expected to be as severe as it was the first time. These are the doctor’s plans for my recovery while wearing the boot

3-4 weeks NWB

1 week PWB

2-3 weeks FWB

Long story short, although I have been through this before and have some idea of what to expect,  the truth is that I have no idea. I am hoping for things to be better than the first time but you never know.

3 Responses to “T-Minus 48 Hours”

  1. reruptureguy said:

    Just re-ruptured last week and surgery last Sunday. We are apparently super tribe:) Good luck with the surgery!

  2. dallasdrake said:

    Thanks, I appreciate it. Also, good luck on your recovery!

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  3. Manny said:

    Wish you the best, DallasDrake.
    Happy Healing!……. Manny

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