Countdown to surgery

March 24, 2016

So, it happened again, albeit not as severe as the first one but bad enough that I am going under the knife again. Back in 2008 I had a rupture of my left Achilles due to trying to be a hero at softball. 8 weeks NWB and then the shock of having to learn to walk again, was something that I was hoping I would never, ever have to go through again. Then ,being in the Bledsoe boot for what seemed like an eternity was not fun either. There is a silver lining to this ruptured cloud, this time I will not have to go through this again, and this time the surgery will be on my terms.

I know how bad it was last time, and how lonely and helpless that I felt. I found this blog and will blog my adventures, not just for my amusement, but since this will be my second time going under the knife I feel that I should give back to the community that helped me through before. I know it is a long recovery, and something that  I never wanted to go through again but hopefully having this blog as an outlet will give me something to look forward to as well as the prospect of a new boot!!

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  1. s40love said:

    Welcome to the blog, dallasdrake. I am very sorry to hear about your re-rupture. Hope you find some comfort in that there are people in a similar situation here, you are not alone. It’s a very painful experience indeed, but weeks will go by, but then you will feel a lot stronger than you were in many ways. I feel a lot stronger now at 17 weeks. Was it in the same location, or a different one? Were you playing any sports?

  2. dallasdrake said:

    The outside of the tendon is intact, and attached at both ends. I was getting some strange golf ball size swelling. The first time they just drained it and let me absorb the remaining fluids back into my body naturally. The second time, about 4 months ago, they sent me to the ortho and she suggested a MRI. The Mri results showed that the center of the tendon was not intact and had ruptured. I have no idea the time or the place of the re-rupture. But it was recommended that I get it taken care of before it fully ruptures to the point I can’t walk.

  3. Manny said:

    Welcome back to the Achilles Tribe inner circle, DallasDrake, though I don’t understand why you need to go under the knife again… If only the inside of the tendon ruptured, I would think that you could go non-surgical protocol in a boot, and let the inner tendon heal on its own… But then again, I am no orthopedist…

    Please keep us informed as to the developments! :-)
    and Happy Healing (yeah, I’m a “Put on a Happy Face” kind of guy)… Manny

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