7 weeks + 2 shoes + 80 degrees in Honduras = Bueno!

Landed in Honduras on Sunday to begin our 6 month house sitting job. It is killing me not to be able to run on the beach and dive into the crystal blue water, but alas, I must wait. At least I have lots of time to be able to do that, and I’m not on a plane home in two weeks like most vacations I took previously.

I am into wearing just 2 shoes around the house *most* of the time (does that qualify as changing my status to “2 shoes”?) I still am wearing the boot outside, and sometimes around the house when it gets a little sore or feels weak. The last week or so has been quite hard on the leg with all the traveling and being shown around the island here. Lots of long car rides. The plane also was a new torture, I can’t believe how fast it swelled up. I think I am going to take a couple of days now to just chill and let it return to a normalish size.

Question, should I be doing calf raises right now? The thought of doing them scares me, but most things scare me. I keep thinking of people who write about re-rupturing…

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  1. It’s probably a bit early for calf raises, gentle stretching leaning into a wall would be better, increasing the angle as it gets easier. Swimming and walking in a pool will also help. I also found that holding on to the side and slowly bicycling in the water helped the flexibility.
    80 degrees? Very jealous!

  2. Thanks Teresa, I’ve started doing those stretches, as recommended! Now if only the 80 degrees would stay consistent…we’ve been dying to get to the pool, but the weather is not co-operating! =)

  3. I deffinetly envy you dalene. Im also a non surgical trooper. Im in week 8 and pwb . I go for a follow up on thurs and hopefully ill be fwb. I have 2 weeks till college . Extremely nervous . Have u went to physical therapy yet?

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