7 weeks + 2 shoes + 80 degrees in Honduras = Bueno!

Landed in Honduras on Sunday to begin our 6 month house sitting job. It is killing me not to be able to run on the beach and dive into the crystal blue water, but alas, I must wait. At least I have lots of time to be able to do that, and I’m not on a plane home in two weeks like most vacations I took previously.

I am into wearing just 2 shoes around the house *most* of the time (does that qualify as changing my status to “2 shoes”?) I still am wearing the boot outside, and sometimes around the house when it gets a little sore or feels weak. The last week or so has been quite hard on the leg with all the traveling and being shown around the island here. Lots of long car rides. The plane also was a new torture, I can’t believe how fast it swelled up. I think I am going to take a couple of days now to just chill and let it return to a normalish size.

Question, should I be doing calf raises right now? The thought of doing them scares me, but most things scare me. I keep thinking of people who write about re-rupturing…

5 week (no-op) follow-up

Spoke with my doctor today about my progress. I have been in the air-cast for 2 weeks, and walking for just about 1. I am amazed at how much I improve every day. Still using the crutches on the stairs, but will try it on my own soon.

I have no inserts in my aircast. Doctor said he still believes I should wait 3 more weeks before trying shoes. I feel like this is super conservative, seeing as I am already walking quite well. I am so anxious to get out of this thing for good, especially with sleeping at night. But of course, nervousness at the potential to re-rupture is winning out right now…

Boarding the plane to Honduras next Friday. Will be disappointingly gawking at the *free* people running down the beach… =(

Yo. ‘Sup?

I’m a part time writer, full time nomad, and first time achilles rupturer.

I’m four weeks post-accident, and just stumbled on this site a couple of days ago.  Reading through a few blogs, it hit me: HOLY shit, this is serious!

I’m not sure what kind of dream-like existence I’ve been living for the past four weeks, but I guess I’ve been quite comfortably enjoying the nursing of my loving hubby while enjoying endless games of Ticket to Ride online.  Toss in a few movies and TV series, and my days get eaten up.  I never really gave much thought to what I had to do to recover.  I admittedly thought that one morning I would just wake up and would magically be trotting across the room in no time.

What an eyeopener this site has been.  Confusing too, in some ways.  So many different stories, so many different doctor’s instructions.  A lot of acronyms being tossed around.  I kept looking at people’s posts around the 4 week mark to see if I was where I needed to be, but everybody’s cases are so different.

So, I thought I would throw my own blog up, and invite people to respond with their advice, opinions and helpful tips, which I am sure there are many out there.  First, a little bit about me…

I have to say that this accident almost couldn’t have happened at a better time for me (if it HAD to happen!)  I was three weeks into an eight week house sitting job in the middle of British Columbia when I heard the dreaded "pop".  No other job to rush to, I was happily enjoying ample time of exploring this beautiful part of my country by hiking and kayak.  Hubby and I also joined a local game of pick-up volleyball for the third week in a row.  Nothing too competitive, which is good, because it’s not often that I get to play anymore.

I wasn’t doing anything too unusual, just diving forward to try and dig a ball, and I heard the loud POP that I am sure everyone is all too familiar with.  Down I went, but not without turning around to try and see who or what had hit me with a crowbar.  Of course, no one or nothing was there.  I cursed like a sailor (to the delight of the school children around) until hubby could get me into the car and make the 20 minute drive to the hospital.  I was sent to an ortho specialist 3 hours the other way and the next morning I was casted.  I saw two doctors, one suggested surgery and the other said no - I decided against it as if I can avoid going under the knife, I will.  Three weeks later I returned to the same specialist who removed the cast and put me in an air cast.  He suggested that I start putting weight on it right away, but up until a couple of days ago, I was way too scared.  Now, I have taken a few aided steps.  Today I also took out a foam insert and am almost at 90 degrees.  From what I read, this seems soon, but it is doctor’s orders.  More baby steps each day.

The complicating factor for me in this whole scenario is that in 18 sleeps, I will be on a plane to Honduras where I will be living for at least 6 months (another house sitting job).  I don’t want to take crutches with me, and I doubt I will have access to any kind of decent physio services while I am there.  I will be on my own to recover, and don’t want to waste precious hours in paradise sitting inside with my foot up.  There are beaches to be explored!  Reefs to be snorkeled over!

I have no more visits to my doctor scheduled because the drive is too difficult in these snow covered mountains I am living in - the doctor suggested that I just call him next week for an update.  I have many questions, and I’m hoping that you, my fellow achilles slayers, can help me answer.

1. Where can I realistically expect to be in 18 sleeps (will be at 6 1/2 weeks post injury)?  Crutchless and booted on the plane?

2. Do I need to be wearing the boot constantly at this point, or how much "free time" can I have each day to scratch and stretch? I currently only take it off a couple of times a day for 1/2 each.

3. When can I expect to be sleeping without the boot?  (PLEASE say soon!)

4. Any recommendations on footwear for when I get to Honduras?  I had planned on only packing flip flops and a pair of hikers, but am guessing that won’t be good enough.  Maybe some soft soled walking sandals (i.e. Merrel’s?) will suffice?

5. Exercises I should be doing right now?  I don’t need to be in marathon shape any time soon, I just want to be functional!

I guess that is it, for now.  Thanks in advance for advice, and for this GREAT site.  I’ll be recovering all on my own in a third world country, I’m going to need all the help I can get!

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