R+73 Wk11 - Toning back the exercises

70y/o non-op 2-shoes x 6 days

I had a disheartening experience with PT about 5 days ago. Subsequently, I went back into the boot for a couple of days and felt a lot better. Then, all on my own, I restarted exercises including seated heel raises against resistance and heel-toe walking. I didn’t learn from my mistakes. Over did it again. Back into the boot.
My new game plan is to be less aggressive. Instead of trying to ditch the boot all at once, I will go in and out during the course of a day. And be less “hammer and tongs” about the exercises.

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  1. You definitely don’t want to overdue it! Besides pissing off the achilles you can annoy other things - like the bone! My PT said if it hurts to do it then don’t. I don’t know if you had pain when you overdid it. Unfortunately you have to be patient and take it slow.

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