R+69days - WK 10 - PT SETBACK

70y/o non-op

I think my PT had me do too much yesterday. My calf hurts now and as a result, I am limping more. We did do some seated heel raises, but he started me with a 15 pound weight on my knee. Probably more than I should have attempted. Also, in retrospect, I think one of the other exercises we did resulted in dorsiflexing the ankle past neutral. The tendon area felt “lumpy” after PT, but now is back to yesterday’s pre-PT state.

Should I get back in the boot?

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  1. I had a similar experience with my PT - pretty sure they just worked me too hard and for the next several days I felt a sharp pain in my calf whenever I walked. I admit it sorta freaked me out, wondering if I’d done something bad, but i just rested it, and after several days everything was fine again. Hopefully you get feeling better soon.

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