70 y/o non-op

Officially went to two shoes yesterday. My walking ability is fine but the lack of strength in my calf is depressing. I just finished walking a slow mile with only a mild to moderate limp. Unfortunately, any attempt to do a standing heel raise is met with instant failure. A minimal seated heel raise is possible, but I am not sure if the gastroc muscle is providing power or not.

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  1. I would assume that your PT told you to start by doing seated heel raises. As the calf/achilles gain strength you add weight to your knee/thigh and do heel raises with the weight. I think when I got up to 30# of weight on my knee/thigh my PT told me to start trying 1 footed heel raises while leaning on the bed. You need to do the exercises daily (or multiple times a day if instructed). And take smaller steps so you don’t limp. As you strength improves your stride will get longer.

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