R+ 53 days (Wk 8) Flat in Boot Today

70 y/o Non-op

I removed the final 1″ wedge over 5 days after seeing my physiatrist. He said I was healing well but also announced that he could still palpate a defect. I thought I was doing better than that. I asked him if surgery was in my immediate future. He said no, unless something drastic occurred. Anyway, he told me to proceed with final wedge removal. The physiatrist also said that I should spend two weeks flat in the boot before going to 2 shoes.

My PT saw me on the day after my physiatrist . We worked on improving my gait. Not fun. I still had about 3/4″ of wedge in the boot. The area of my “tendon” was uncomfortable the following day. He also instructed me to start sub-max plantar flexion against a green Theraband. I am trying to consciously make my gastroc constrict in time with the plantarflexion. He didn’t tell me to do that, just seemed like the right thing.

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  1. Congrats on getting to the flat stage! Once you’re in shoes focus on a normal gait. Make your steps as small as needed to make your gait normal. You’ll probably be taking teeny tiny steps. That’s OK as long as you don’t limp. As everything gets stronger your step will get longer.

  2. Thanks for the hints! I am 9 days from walking in 2-shoes.

    I was given the green light yesterday for using the exercise bike. My PT said to try it a couple of times with my boot on and then go to 2-shoes on the bike if it feels right.

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  3. The transition to shoes is a wonderful thing, although you’ll find that you will need to take it very slow at first compared to how you’re probably able to trot around in the boot. Take it slow in the beginning as you will more vulnerable in shoes than in the boot. Patience is important in that stage. Good luck!

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