R+35 Days (Week 6) Removing wedges

70 y/o   Non-surgical

On R+2 days, I started with 3 wedges (each one inch), then quickly went to 2 wedges on day 8.   There was a lot of confusion during the first few weeks as to what protocol (if any) I was supposed to follow.   I initially saw an orthopedic surgeon who recommended surgery and had little interest in anything else.  Now I am seeing a physiatrist.  He and I settled on this protocol.  His instructions were to remove one of the two remaining wedges on the start of week 6.  To go from two inches to one inch seemed a little sudden to me, so I started hunting around for options.   I purchased and played with several different types of wedges.  I wanted to gradually go down to one wedge.  I chose a wedge system that allows me to drop just about 1mm at a time.  My game plan is to space the removal over a week or so.

R + 31 days (week 5). Non-surgical.

Age 70.  Ruptured my right AT while playing pickleball (5th time I played the game).

Received AirCast boot with 3 wedges (each 1″) on day 2.  Weight bearing was accelerated mainly because I had a tough time using crutches.  Got around on a knee scooter as best I could.

Removed one wedge on day 8.  Next wedge will be removed gradually over a period of about 5 days starting on day 35 (week 6).  The final wedge will be removed in steps on day 49 after I see physician on that date.

Many thanks to Agnes, Evan, Morc, SJ and all the others who put so much effort into their blogs.