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Skipping into trouble.

Filed under: Uncategorized — curlygirl at 7:36 pm on Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hi everyone,

I stumbled across this blog while looking for information on Achilles rupture and I have found it very helpful. So here I am starting my own blog. First up, I am struggling to work out even how to post on this blog, I think my brain got snapped along with my tendon!

My ‘fun’ began on Friday 8th June 2012. I was at a school end of year party with my daughter who is just finishing Kindergarten. Parent and kids were having fun with balloon races , obstacle races etc . So I was skipping with my daughter , my foot went in a divot in the grass and ’snap’ it was SO loud. I thought at first I had broken my shoe. I managed to walk/hop to a bench and sit down. Once sitting I reached down and felt my foot and knew when I found that soggy area at the back of my heel what I had done.

I am a fairly athletic fit Mum of Three and could not believe I could do so much damage skipping!

Off to my local urgent care in Sunny San Diego. I was splinted and sent home with a surgery date for 14th June 2012.

To be honest that week is a bit of a blur.My husband dropped my daughter at school and a good friend brought her home. I tried out my crutches.I had no pain whatsoever. The worst day that week was having a wedding dress fitting. My husband and I were planning to renew our wedding vows in August. I bought a very simple strapless white wedding dress for the occasion . So there I was in the bridal shop in my gown on crutches. That was the first time I had allowed myself to feel sorry for myself.

Surgery day was 14th June. Boy was I nervous. The staff could not have been kinder.It all went smoothly , so I am told. And before I knew it I was back home tucked up in my own bed. I was ready for some pain, as I had read some other blogs. However,I was woken in the night with a dreadful burning pain in my ankle that the meds could not hold back. It was like my ankle was on fire! Thankfully the pain subsided within a couple of hours and I have not had anything like it since.Over the next few days I had a stream of neighbors / friends drooping off food parcels which was lovely. I think my ever hungry 16 year old son gobbled up most of them. Talking off which , I have been amazed at my son. He is an lanky 16 year old soccer/ music loving typical kid. He has been amazing. My husband has to go to work, so he has taken care of our 6 year old. He has taken her to the park, driven her to ballet ( and sat and watched!) driven us all to the pool for her swim lessons, done laundry etc etc. his kindness and just get on with it attitude has made me want to weep.

My eldest daughter is in NY she gets home tonight. Hopefully my son can take a break then and share the workload!

Yesterday I had the stitches out. Yeah

I was bit of a baby, I just did not want to look.My husband encouraged me to take a peek, I think it actually looked better than I thought it might.But, my calf … OH MY . I have somewhat ‘chicken legs’ on a good day, but my bad leg even more chickeny.

So off I hobbled to the cast room. I was there fitted with a pretty hot pink cast. I have managed to crank my toes up into a less pointy position but it is not yet at the right angle. Whilst watching Spain v France I painted my toes pink to match my cast.Lovely

I shall be checking back on others peoples progress with interest. Especially those with similar timelines. I will try to post a couple of pictures if I can get my mind around it.

Blessings to all




Comment by kimjax

June 23, 2012 @ 9:03 pm

Sorry you had to join the club, curlygirl. :( My kids have been a blessing during this recovery, as well, and it’s nice to see the good character come out when the going gets rough. :) My boys have also done quite a bit of time at the dance studio with 4 sisters, but thankfully, it’s now summer break.

Take pics as it’s helpful to see your progress from week to week - definitely morale boosting. Sorry about your moment in the wedding dress - most of us have had a pity party (or two) somewhere along the way. It’s a temporary life altering injury for what seems like a group of fairly lively people. It’s hard to come to a screeching halt when your life runs at full speed most of the time. :) At 7 weeks, I’m mostly back to life “sort of normal” :) Heal quickly! Kim


Comment by normofthenorth

June 23, 2012 @ 9:22 pm

It all sounds reasonable, CG! Try to get a clear schedule from your Doc, and if it’s significantly slower than the highly successful fast schedule used in the 2010 UWO study — — try to educate him about the new evidence. Slower is not safer or better, but it is definitely slower!

And fight for a boot instead of more casts, too. Boots rock! (Even up-to-date Docs often use a plaster cast or splint for the first couple of weeks post-op, to avoid messing up a boot with seeps and leaks and such. But after that, it’s bad Old Skule!)


Comment by curlygirl

June 26, 2012 @ 6:19 pm

Thank you guys.I have had a rough few days getting my head around this. it is great to hear all the recovery stories :)


Comment by doryt

June 26, 2012 @ 9:36 pm

Hang in there! Just focus on your own recovery and not what we (everyone else) is doing. I am 8 months now and still have SO much more improvements to come.I still feel tight and stiff some days. I did do a easy trail rum 3.18 miles in 1 hr 57 seconds today. It sucked for time as nothing quick about me . YET! But I am happy I did it. Be easy on yourtself and each day gets easier.

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