9 Month Update

I stopped going to PT at 8 months post surgery. I am still working hard at recovery and started jogging at about 9 months.

I am making good progress in my long recovery journey. At about 8 months, my PT gave me the choice of continuing to see him or to go on my own with the exercises for the rest of the way. I chose to go it on my own to save the time and money from going in. He instructed me to wait until I can do a decent single leg heel raise before running.

Everyday activities are absolutely fine with occasional sensitivity on the bottom of my foot and heel. My scar is sort of ugly and the area behind the achilles sticks out a bit.

Strengthening my calf muscle is the last and most difficult thing to do. Just this week, I can do a mostly unassisted single leg heel raise. I have started jogging on the treadmill and have been alternating between walking and jogging at about 4 MPH so far.

I see, unfortunately, lots of new bloggers on this site. I hope you are encouraged by my update. As you can see at the bottom, I was on a slow, very inconvenient protocol. But, I am feeling good now that I did not have setbacks and can start to feel strong again.

Here are highlights of my exercise routine at this stage
1. Warm up on elliptical, bike, row machine
2. Single leg heel raises
3. Sumo squat, heel raises (put back against wall, squat down to seated position, do heel raises)
4. Windmill (put two objects on ground, balance on injured leg, and pick them up with opposite hand)
5. Bosu ball squats. (turn it over on the soft part, stand on hard plastic, and do squats)
6. Bosu ball balancing (balance on the soft squishy part of the ball)
7. Walking lunges (holding weights)
8. Toe walks
9. Step up/down on a box — add more weights over time
10. Leg press
11. Goblet squat (hold a weight in your hands and do squats)

Here is my milestone update
• Injured: 9/13/14
• Surgery: 9/26/14
• Week 1 - 2: NWB (splint - foot at 25% angle
• Week 2 - 8: NWB (fiberglass cast - foot at 5% angle)
• Week 8 - 10: PWB (fiberglass cast - foot neutral). Added about 30 pounds of pressure every 4 days
• Week 10 - 14: FWB (fiberglass cast - foot neutral)
• Week 14 - 16: FWB (boot - one heel wedge)
• Week 15: Started PT
• Week 16: Started wearing 2 shoes indoors in safe environments
• Week 18: Reasonably comfortable with 2 shoes outside; can do a decent seated heel raise
• Week 20: Getting stronger. Able to perform double leg heel raises well; flexibility coming back - can do squats (body weight)
• Week 23: Range of motion is 100%; Working on single leg heel raise; Daily activities are not difficult anymore.
• Week 28: Can do a partial single leg heel raise; working on doing a fully stable one leg heel raise before trying to run again
• Week 32: Stopped going to PT after he said there were no more exercises he could show me. Continued the work on my own
• Week 36: Jogging on treadmill at about 4 miles per hour; 30 to 40 seconds at a time.

2 Responses to “9 Month Update”

  1. So happy to read your post!

    I am also around the 9 month mark. Despite having very different recovery protocols we have ended up at the same place- I haven’t started running yet as I am really enjoying rowing, but have a new pair of shoes on my shopping list.

    Thanks for sharing your progress, I am sure it will be reassuring for anyone who has spent a long time in a cast to read how well you are doing!


  2. Hi there - I am wondering about my recovery, would you mind telling me if you experienced anything like this? I’m about 8.5 months post-op and recovery has been slow, but steadily progressing. Until about the past week or so. I seem to have a relapse. I used to stay on my feet doing whatever - mostly gardening - until I had some soreness or swelling, then put it up and maybe ice it, then it would be fine for a couple more hours on my feet. But now, I wake up with it sore and swollen and icing really doesn’t do the trick. I have had no injury and never really pushed it past the point of soreness. And it’s not severe, it’s just as though it moved back to where it was a couple of months ago. Did you experience anything like that?

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