Good progress; More Judgement Required!

I am wearing 2 shoes in most situations, slowly getting stronger, and realizing that more judgement is needed than my prior stages.

PT and exercise are helping me slowly loosen up and gain strength. At PT, the therapist is adding some strength exercises in addition to therapeutic stretching. I am doing lots of seated heel raises, stretching my calf with my foot hanging off a stair, squats with a medicine ball, etc. I am feeling stronger and more confident when I walk, but still not ready for more athletic movements.

I had my first incident of serious swelling and hotness after my first day indoors and outdoors in two shoes. It felt pretty bad and shut me down for the evening. This was a new experience for me because I had no real judgement calls to make about my activity level when I was in a cast for three months. So, I have been learning when to rest and back off, when to use ice, and when to take a little Ibuprofen. Towards the end of a long day at work, I also walk with crutches to give myself a break. I learned that it was not good to approach the pain and swelling line too closely because it prevented me from exercising and making real progress.

Here is my milestone update
• Injured: 9/13/14
• Surgery: 9/26/14
• Week 1 - 2: NWB (splint - foot at 25% angle
• Week 2 - 8: NWB (fiberglass cast - foot at 5% angle)
• Week 8 - 10: PWB (fiberglass cast - foot neutral). Added about 30 pounds of pressure every 4 days
• Week 10 - 14: FWB (fiberglass cast - foot neutral)
• Week 14 - 16: FWB (boot - one heel wedge)
• Week 15: Started PT
• Week 16: Started wearing 2 shoes indoors in safe environments
• Week 18: Reasonably comfortable with 2 shoes outside; can do a decent seated heal raise

5 Responses to “Good progress; More Judgement Required!”

  1. Sounds like things are going well. When were you able to start driving again?

    I’m going to neutral in the boot next week and FWB and then into shoes hopefully the week after. I’m v ery concerned about the shoes stage though…On one hand I’ll love the freedom and psychological aspect of it but I’m worried I’ll forget how vunerable I still am those first weeks in the shoes.

  2. It makes sense to pay attention to how hard to push, pain and swelling will set you back thats for sure. It sounds like you are continuing to do well which is so nice!

  3. Eric: I was able to start driving right around becoming more confident in two shoes. Before that, I was using the left foot driving device I posted about earlier. It seems like two shoes coincided with enough strength and flexibility to work the gas and brake pedals.

    Your news is very good after your scare. In my case, I found it helpful to follow my PT’s instructions for weaning off the boot. My surgeon’s instructions were not very specific at all. But, my PT would gauge my strength and flexibility and give specific advice for shoes. Your PT sounds good and hopefully you will get the same thing.

    herewegoagain - Thanks!

  4. Yeah, my PT was ready to go from 15 to zero and start going FWB but wanted to get Dr final blessing I guess (appt was Friday and 8 week post op is today with pt tomorrow so hopefully I get the all clear today)

    Tendon feels remarkably stronger since that partial re tear it seems like it was a minor one hopefully today will be good news. I’ve been doing all the weight I can put on it with crutches and there’s been zero pain, some ankle swelling if i do walk on it all day but nothing major, thomson test is quite good now as well. I’ll post my update later but like you i’ve find the OS to be unspecific as well, he’s more of a “it feels good, looks good, wound’s good, see you later”. Seems common.

    Also unsure of why no ROM since I have the Vaco but sounds like i’ll be out of the boot in a couple weeks anyways, still really struggling trying to push off to take a full step with 1 crutch but I’m sure that willl come, feels mental.

  5. Was it just walking around or did you do some other exercises that caused it?

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