Started PT and Personal Milestone Summary

I have two things in this post: (1) PT update; and (2) a recap of my personal milestones.

After 15 weeks PostOp, I started PT!! I am comfortable with my physio’s personality and the facility. My range of motion was decent considering being immobilized for three months in a cast. After overcoming the mental hurdle, it feels good to move again. However, I am trying to restrain myself from getting too intense too fast since my athletic side has been reactivated. I have read with keen interest (and empathy) the experience of others and want to avoid setbacks. I am still wearing the boot and looking forward to weaning off as I get stronger. I am going to PT three times per week with these activities to date:

• Massage of the injured area
• Calf stretch against wall
• Seated calf stretch (gentle pull with rope around ball of foot)
• Ankle alphabet
• Ankle pumps
• Seated calf raises
• Marble pick up with bare feet
• Seated toe flex on towel
• Weight bearing buildup (shifting weight on both legs, barefooted)
• Electro-stimulation and ice treatment

I am doing the stretches at home 2 or 3 times per day.

Personal Milestones
I also liked Donna’s simple summary for the benefit of other unfortunates who will join our club.

• Injured: 9/13/14
• Surgery: 9/26/14
• NWB (splint - foot at 25% angle): Week 1 and 2
• NWB (fiberglass cast - foot at 5% angle): Week 2 through 8
• PWB (fiberglass cast - foot neutral): Week 8 - Week 10. Added about 30 pounds of pressure every 4 days
• FWB (fiberglass cast - foot neutral): Week 10 - Week 14
• FWB (boot - one heel wedge): Week 14 - Week 16
• Started PT: Week 15

It was very difficult to be NWB and in a cast for so long. I can’t say I would choose a cast for so long again. But, one advantage was having very little anxiety about re-repturing during the first 12 weeks since I was locked up in the cast. Now, I am on the long road to get strong again.

Happy healing to all.

3 Responses to “Started PT and Personal Milestone Summary”

  1. I’m so very happy for you and as always I applaud your patients and great attitude. PT is really fun and I’m glad you’ve been able to start! Yes, do watch that athlete in you that want’s to go go go now that it can. Two things I learned overdoing it are that you may feel great and have no initial pain so think you can do more, however, pain will come if you start with too many reps/sets when your PT adds new exercises - start with few reps/sets and don’t add more for at least a day to see how the body did with them. Also, there is a fine line between “normal” I’m healing pain and the pain that says stop. I had to learn what mine was and I’m sure you will too! YAY you!

  2. Thanks for posting the Milestones. When were you in a position to drive? I also remember you posting about a left foot driving contraption, what was your experience with it?

  3. I am still using the left foot driving contraption ( I am now very comfortable with the left footed device and have continued to use it until I am very confident in my right leg. If I had to, I think I could drive with my right foot. But, since I am left footed driving anyway, I am going to wait until I am comfortably in two shoes before driving.

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