FWB in a Cast

I am now full weight bearing in a walking cast. As a reminder, I am on the slower end of a post operation recovery (8 weeks NWB and then put into a walking cast).

After starting partial weight bearing, I spent about 2.5 weeks using two crutches, a deliberate heal-to-toe motion, and applying more pressure every three to four days. For one day, I used a cane as a bridge between PWB and true FWB. I found the cane helpful to get over the mental hurdle and to make sure I could balance myself properly.

At this stage, I am sure a boot would have been more comfortable because walking in a fiberglass cast is a hassle and not very comfortable. My technique is to: (a) lead with my injured leg; (b) use a heal-to-toe motion; and (c) then to bring my healthy foot even or slightly ahead of my injured leg. Now, I will be FWB until December 30th, which will be a joyous end to three months in a cast after surgery.

Happy healing to all!

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  1. WOW, that is slow protocol & I commend you on going all that time in a cast! I had “cast Claustrophobia” panic attacks & could never go that long.

    Did your doc say why he wasn’t putting you in a boot? Can’t you ask for one if you want one now?

    I started FWB in my boot with 3 heels post op 3 weeks and a few days after 3 weeks in a fiberglass cast. I am walking as you described. No pain. I rested 24/7 for those 3 weeks in a cast & still rest most of the time now so I can continue to heal. I just started daily walking yesterday when I was allowed to remove one of three heals in my boot.

    I walked 1/2 mile yesterday….& it was AWESOME!

  2. My first-ATR surgeon was a fuddy-duddy who believed in walking casts and endless immobilization. He thought it lowered rerupture risk. Old myths die hard, thank god for retirement! But first I became his first patient EVER to get a boot! Way too late, but I caught up fine.
    But BOTH of you should be able to take full strides, symmetrical. The trick is to trust the boot or cast to do your AT’s job - to transfer your FWB weight from your toes/ball to your upper leg. The boot cast does that by pushing hard on your shin. It should work, as long as the size and shape and straps are all done right, and you trust it. You may be tempted to “help” by using your calf muscle, but they should just go along for the ride, at least at first.
    And you’ve got to even up your two feet-legs. E.g., with Vaco’s EvenUp, or in several other ways. But DO it!

  3. A joyous end indeed! I enjoy reading your progress and think you are doing a wonderful job of staying positive. We all have such different recovery experiences but should get to the same point in the end. All the best for a cast free new year!

  4. A quick update - I am now proficient walking around in the fiberglass cast. I have a “normal” gait with complete follow through. The cast gets uncomfortable towards the end of the day. But, I am doing ok and speeding through my last 13 days to get this cast cut off and end my 3 month odyssey in a cast.

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